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     Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (YUTCM), established in 1960, is a national university of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is the only institution of TCM in Yunnan Province that is recognized by the Ministry of Education. The university is located in Kunming, the "Spring City", the picturesque capital of Yunnan.

The university (YUTCM) has an undergraduate program and master's degree program, in addition to professional training and higher vocational education. YUTCM is committed to bringing a higher level of education to all who aspire.  YUTCM provides programs to ensure ethnic minority enrollment, adult attendance, night school for those who work and an international department for students from abroad.   At present, YUTCM consists of four faculties, three departments and a branch college: Faculty of Basic Medicine; Faculty of Clinical Medicine; Faculty of Traditional Chinese Medical Pharmacy; College of Adult Education; Department for Postgraduate Studies; Department of Social Science; Department of Humanities and Physical Education; Faculty of Acupuncture and Moxibustion. YUTCM offers 11 specialized courses for undergraduates and 7 specialized courses for professional training. There are 5 provincial level branches of learning, 2 fields of study at the PhD level which are co-taught with the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 11 master's degree programs, and 40 fields of research. There are also 10 research institutions, 8 laboratories, 24 specially equipped laboratories, and 2 university laboratories.

YUTCM's long history of teaching experience in traditional Chinese medicine assures the student is taught at the highest level of competency.  YUTCM has 4 affiliated hospitals, 6 teaching hospitals, 20 hospitals for clinical practice, 27 practice areas for medical teaching, with a total number of 5,000 hospital beds. The teaching and practice hospitals are important bases for students to build a foundation of practical  and clinical knowledge.  Students emerge themselves in a clinical setting, using traditional Chinese medicine therapies, including Chinese herb prescription writing, acupuncture, tui na massage, local therapeutics, minority herbal medicines, and other traditional techniques.   The science of combining TCM and modern medicine is an area of ongoing research and students can learn the benefits and side-effects of both.  The gigantic clinic size provides students with access to a large variety of diseases and their preferred methods of treatment.    

For the sake of promoting the educational, academic, technological, and cultural exchange between various countries, Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine welcomes friends from various countries to study at their campus. YUTCM provides high-quality teaching and formal accreditation in traditional Chinese medicine and Pharmacy. Students may enroll as fully matriculated students or take part in various short-term courses and clinical training.


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Yunnan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital

The university has many highly accomplished doctors and professors with exceptional experience in the theoretical and practical aspects of traditional Chinese medicine. The university has a staff of 1225 faculty members: 54 masters level supervisors; 221 chief physicians/professors; 333 associate professors/associate chief physicians; 6 experts enjoying the title of “famous doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine” or “honorary famous doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine” in Yunnan Province; 7 research doctors whom receive honorary endowments from the national government. In addition, local and foreign specialists are frequently invited to lecture and demonstrate their exceptional healing abilities.  This hospital is a valuable source of new therapies and cutting edge healing modalities.