Wu Style Tai Ji Quan
This program offers the applicant a unique opportunity to dive into classical Chinese culture and be taught a traditional Wu style tai ji quan form, qi gong and Daoist physiological exercises.   Our primary program is 2 weeks in duration.  Another option we offer for those interested in longer stays is the 30 Day, Semester and year-long program; apartments or alternative living conditions can be arranged by YEHS to meet the individuals needs.  Instruction in tai ji quan, qi gong and other physiological exercises by Yang Cheng Long begins every morning from 8:00am-12:00pm, with a  break for lunch followed by lectures from 2:30-5:00pm.  Lectures are given in Chinese and translated into English or French languages.  Mr. Yang has been practicing martial arts for over 40 years.  After finishing training in ba gua zhang at the age of 33 he began the study of traditional Wu style tai ji quan.  Seventeen years later he's not only advanced in his study of tai ji quan but has also helped evolve the current world understanding of the theoretical and practical science of tai ji quan.  Focusing on healing the body, boosting immunity, cultivating the mind, strengthening the mind-body communication and self-defense, Mr. Yang is an incredible teacher.  His understanding of the individual and how to construct lessons based on ones needs is exceptional.  Drawing from physics, natural sciences, classical Taoist philosophy, anthropology, sociology, psychology, physiology, chemistry and traditional Chinese medicine Mr. Yang portrays the world of natural phenomena as the foundation of tai ji understanding.   Literary works such as the Dao De Jing, Sun Zi Bing Fa (The Art Of War), Nan Hua Jing, Nan Jing (the Classic of Difficult Issues) Huang Di Nei Jing (the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic), Ling Shu (Spiritual Pivot), I Jing (I Ching), are interwoven into, and are a essential part of, the teaching and practice of Wu style tai ji quan.   
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After 2 weeks of tai ji quan instruction and Chinese cultural lecturing, we leave Kunming on an organized trip to Daoist Wei Bao (1 day) mountain area, Dali ancient city (1 day) and Li jiang (a UNESCO World Heritage site, 1 day); the traveling costs are included in the programs tuition.  Whether single or in a group, these trips are guided by experts fluent in Chinese language and extremely familiar with each destination.  For those who are interested in staying longer we at YEHS are committed to helping you get settled.  Students often arrange for extended stays, from 1 month to a year.  If you intend on staying longer than the course applied for, please let us know and we can arranged everything for you.  Longer study periods fall under a separate tuition framework.  If you are interested in a longer program please contact us at info@yunnanclinic.com.         

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