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Classical Chinese Studies

                                                                                                                                                                                       We offer access to China's vast and unique classical cultures.  Our programs can be custom tailored to create the ultimate China based learning experience.  Out of the above list of classes offered you can pick and choose which subjects interest and we will create a schedule that meets your needs.   We use only the best teachers and heads of departments to ensure a higher quality of education.  All programs earn the student college level credits and are recognized by the Ministry of Education of China.

Monday               Tuesday               Wednesday               Thursday               Friday
         9-12pm     Mandarin Language
           9-12pm           Tai Ji Quan/Qi Gong
         9-12pm     Mandarin Language
           9-12pm         Tai Ji Quan/Qi Gong
         9-12pm     Mandarin Language
        2-5pm        Tui Na Massage
           2-5pm     Chinese Calligraphy
      2-5pm   Ethnic Dance
           2-5pm       Classical Instrument
          2-5pm         Classical Literature
Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical Practicum Focus Schedule:
 Monday               Tuesday               Wednesday                Thursday              Friday
         8-12pm Acupuncture Clinic
           8-12pm             Tai Ji Quan/Qi Gong
        8-12pm   Acupuncture Clinic
          8-12pm              Tai Ji Quan/Qi Gong
         8-12pm Acupuncture Clinic
             2-6pm            Tui Na Massage Clinic
Why Yunnan, Why Kunming?
Located in southwest China, Yunnan is the most biologically diverse province.  It is home to the greatest number of ethnic minority groups, over 30 in total.  Kunming, the spring city, is a beautiful city and enjoys mild weather most of the year.  It is much less polluted than other cities in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Nanning, Tianjin, and Guangzhou are crowded and heavily polluted.  The Yunnan province is still pristine and friendly to those who prefer a more natural and peaceful environment.  The landscapes are as diverse as the people.  It makes for endless travel opportunities and offers tremendous variety of geological landscapes for exploration. 
Take a look at a sample schedule of a semester, month or weekly study abroad  program:
          2-6pm        Internal Medicine
  2-6pm Pediatrics
  2-6pm OB/GYN
    2-6pm Orthopedics
Travel to remote regions rarely explored by the average tourist.  YEHS can arrange for all kinds of travel; from trekking, mountain biking and rock climbing to luxury hot spring health tours.  For more information follow this link, or contact us at, 
Eco-tourism Home-stays Exploration

v       Dali an ancient city located on the shores of Lake Er Hai.  Visit and study Shaolin Gongfu (Kungfu) at Wu Wei Si or climb to the top of Cangshan.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Li Jiang

v      Li Jiang - famous for its traditional style rooftops and a spectacular view of Jade    Dragon Snow Mountain; also includes a trek in Tiger Leaping Gorge, known for being one of the deepest gorges in the world.

v      Wei Bao Shan - Taoist Temple Mountain - a remote Taoist temple mountain.   An excellent place to train tai ji and see  few interesting ancient cultural relics.

v Special Trips to Mt Meili's (6740m) Nature Conservancy area of Yubeng, Nu Jiang, Xia Xi/Li Ming, Tengchong hot spring area, Baoshan, Ruili, Dulong jiang and more can be arranged upon request.  Follow this link for more travel opportunities, Travel.

v   Sangeri-la - Formerly known as Zhong Dian, Sangerila is located close to the border of Tibet and is home to the ? Temple which houses #? of resident monks.

Some of our programs include organized educational excursions to:
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University Enrollment
YEHS now offers international students Chinese university enrollment aid.  Due to the difficult nature of Chinese university application we have decided to offer students or teachers services for application, enrollment and housing.  For more information please follow this link, University Enrollment.
Real-estate Rental or Purchase
We offer students, teachers, travelers, business people and families apartment rental or purchase.  Apartments can be furnished or empty; if empty we can renovate or furnish the apartment for you.  YEHS also can provide serviced apartments when requested.  For more information please follow this link, Real-estate Rental or Purchase.
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YEHS is dedicated to providing a safe environment of cultural emersion.  Please visit our safety page for more information, Safety.
Please visit the Program Tuition link for the basic program fee outline.  All students of YEHS programs are issued official certification of study.  For more information about course credit and certification please follow this link, Certification and Course Credits.
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