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Health Insurance Coverage

Students can elect to have YEHS provide international insurance during the study abroad program.   Health insurance is designed to cover the cost of medical care necessitated by sickness or accidents which occur during the official program period.  In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, the highest quality medical care will be arranged, subject to the terms of the coverage, in the country's most up-to-date facilities. Or if necessary, the coverage facilitates medical evacuation of students from the country.

In addition to YEHS-provided health insurance, your son or daughter may also be covered under your own family health insurance policy or through their home institution. Check with your health insurance company or home school for details.  Otherwise it may be wise to use a local insurance provider or your current insurance provider and add international coverage

In Case of an Emergency
The YEHS insurance coverage includes access to a 24-hour emergency assistance network. This multilingual service can help locate medical treatment and coordinate with doctors and hospitals, while confirming health insurance coverage and arranging settlement of bills. It can also help on legal matters, emergency medical evacuation, replacement of stolen passports or tickets, and other general assistance.

If you are in need of these services, follow this link for a list of international insurance providers:




Filing an Insurance Claim
If you need to make a claim on the YEHS-provided health insurance policy, will we provide you with the proper documentation and forms upon enrollment into one of our programs.

Optional Baggage/Personal Belongings Insurance
Optional coverage, available from the same company that provides health insurance coverage, can be purchased for baggage and personal belongings. If you would like to learn more we will provide you with the information upon program enrollment.



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